Established in 1995, LV International Co., Ltd. specializes in design and manufacturing of various tungsten carbide end mills and high speed steel end mills.


Through the years of hard cultivation, we have accumulated comprehensive experience in manufacturing and marketing. We have deeply understood that the only way to obtain customers’ dependability is to offer the excellent quality of product and comprehensive price. And this is the direction of what we do at LV.


Over the years, LV end mills have been absolutely recognized and long-term supported by customers, both domestic and overseas. One of the important factors behind this reputation is our in-house precision machining capabilities. The combines with our rigorous quality control system ensures each LV end mills will fully meet customers’ expectations.


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 High Efficient Series (ALL)


 77 Series (ALL)


 66 or 88 Series

 66 or 88 Series

Cutting Condition - 65-76    

 99 Series

Cutting Condition - 99-101    

 Spiral Flute or Spiral